Early warning fire and smoke detection systems

Smoke and Heat Detection

GlobalTek highly recommends centrally monitored early warning fire and smoke detection systems. The sooner a fire is detected, the better the outcome for saving lives and reducing property damage.

GlobalTek offers rate-of-rise heat detectors and smoke/fire detectors without affecting your monitoring costs. Correct installation and maintenance of smoke and heat detectors prevents unwanted nuisance alarms. Occupants can become desensitized when repeated nuisance alarms occur. In some worst-case scenarios, technicians disconnect alarms from the system to avoid unnecessary disruption. This negates a detector’s potential lifesaving benefit, making the proper operation of an early warning fire and/or smoke detection system indispensable.

Reasons to install the smoke and heat detector

Adds convenience: with a smart smoke detector, you are no longer getting out the ladder every 6 months (as recommended) to check batteries because many models do that on their own automatically. in addition to the self-check, the smoke detector will send an alert to your phone to not only let you know when the batteries are running low, but also which device and location.

Adds safety: with a regular smoke detector, the chirping notifies you that it senses smoke and then you have to call the fire department while frantically trying to get everyone out of the house. the smart smoke detector will contact the monitoring station whether you’re at home, at the movies our on vacation thus saving time on dispatching the fire department.

Insurance discount: insurance premiums are calculated on a risk and reward premise. when you install a smart smoke detector the risks are lower when it comes to the amount of damages due to fire and that’s why they may give you up to 20% off your home owners insurance premium.

Be alerted to a problem before it gets worse.

Our monitored flood, smoke, freeze, and carbon monoxide detectors will trigger an alarm and instantly alert the GlobalTek Central Station, so we can take action immediately. These devices can save lives, and avoid costly damage.

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