Carbon monoxide monitoring

Why You Need Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon Monoxide monitoring, whether for residential or commercial, is certainly a requirement. However, unless there are pets or someone disabled on premises, we recommend standard non-monitored Carbon monoxide detectors for your home or business.

Don’t fall for the old sales trick of spending three times the money and installing monitored monoxide detectors. “Carbon” is an odorless gas, unlike smoke or fire, the risk of this gas is when you are HOME, and not out.

Early warning if any CO is leaking into your home

The noise from the co detector is loud enough for everyone in the house to hear and receive sufficient time to get out of the house. carbon monoxide is a very poisonous gas and continuous inhalation may cause death. it is an odorless, invisible, and extremely dangerous gas, which can be given off by the most common appliances in your home.

Therefore, the local alarm will alert you accordingly. The only exception is if you are a pet owner or caregiver, then the extra expenditure is worth every penny and we’ll be happy to alert you when absent of a Carbon Monoxide breach, so you (or we) can alert loved ones and dispatch appropriate personnel.

Note: GlobalTek Security never sells what you don’t require. We do not employ commissioned sales people, but instead only salaried security personnel.

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