Mobile medical alert system

Mobile medical alert system

A smart way to take care of your elderly loved ones

The iHelp medical alarm device is aimed to help seniors stay protected both at home and on the go giving them an independence they might not have otherwise. Your ageing parents will feel that they are loved and cared for. The system provides 24/7 supervision and gives elderly people the confidence that they can always get help from family members or an emergency service.

The intuitive user-friendly interface allows you to call for an assistance with just a touch of a button. When pressed, the system automatically dials up authorized station personnel within seconds. The live agent figures out what happened through an easy two-way communication. At the same time, the device sends a real-time notification of the potential emergency to family members. Ambulance workers are dispatched depending on the situation. Yet if a person lost consciousness or is unable to speak for any other reason, an urgent medical assistance is undoubtedly dispatched.

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This device might come in handy not only in critical situations but also in everyday life. You can use it in the same way to monitor children or family members with health issues or disabilities and stay in touch with them all the time. The system will free up a lot of your time, lower your stress level, and allow you to focus on what matters most.

What is medic alert and how does it work??

Why choose iHelp?

What distinguishes iHelp is the wealth of experience and expertise in the safety systems field. Offering only high-quality products, including groundbreaking medical alert systems for seniors with fall detection, the company has earned a reputation and consolidated its position on the market.

Ensure the safety of your loved ones with the iHelp.
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Features and benefits

- Lightweight and compact design
This portable device allows you to wear it around your wrist, neck, on the attached holster, or simply put in a pocket. Medical alert necklaces for women and men’s medical alert necklaces are comfortable and easy to wear. Plus, iHelp offers the best medic alert bracelet featuring extreme softness and flexibility.

- Shatterproof and water-resistant construction
Designed with durability in mind, the device won’t break in case of a fall. Plus, you can wear it in the bath or shower where most safety accidents occur.

- Innovate GEO-Fence feature
This option allows you to track the movements of your loved ones. The system will alert you and station personnel each time a senior enters or exits your pre-programmed “safe zone”. You can change the borders of the “safe zone” at any moment. This feature is indispensable for people who have Alzheimer's disease or dementia.

- Patented Fall Alert Detection technology
This technology allows for making an automatic call for help if the device senses a fall. This feature is of special need when somebody falls and can’t stand by themselves or is unconscious and unable to push the button.

- 3G wireless coverage
Owing to advances in technology, the medical alert system is compatible with 3G networks which ensures it will function at its peak wherever you go.

- Small wearable remote button
The button is comfortable and easy to carry. It communicates with the smart charger, so you can wear it instead of a medical alert pendant.

- Protected phone number
We take your security seriously. Your personal data will not be disclosed or misused. Only the monitoring center has the right to call you.

- Round-the-clock emergency monitoring services
Highly-trained operators are ready to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

- Medical alert system (Canada and USA coverage)
The monitoring services of this mobile personal emergency response system are provided throughout Canada and the USA.

iHelp is one of the most state-of-the-art 24/7 senior medical alert systems in Canada. This revolutionary device helps elderly people age independently and safely, giving them the freedom of going anywhere they want and providing them with 24-hour professional protection.

We know the safety of your elderly parents is of most importance to you and we guarantee to provide it. Choose iHelp! The undeniable leader in the modern medical alert systems industry.

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