Commercial Surveillance Cameras

Protect Your Business from Burglars & Shoplifters

Your business is most vulnerable to break-ins overnight and on weekends. Burglars plan for these times, as they know that businesses are deserted, giving them plenty of time to break in and take anything of value. Proper CCTV Surveillance Systems can record the criminal activity and can notify you that something is happening. Shoplifters who steal in broad daylight. By installing a commercial security system, you will be able to monitor several areas of your building using closed-circuit TV monitors. When thieves can see they are being watched their less likely to attempt to steal from the store.

Protect Your Business from False Worker’s Insurance Claims

Unfortunate but true, some people do try to take advantage of their employers through false worker’s compensation claims. Video surveillance adds a layer of protection, decreasing the chances that someone can fraud their way to “free money.” In many cases, if you have the technology to do so, it’s important to keep footage from each camera for at least a year - you do not want to lose evidence, if a worker waits weeks or months before he or she decides to make a claim. Essentially, with a video surveillance system installed in your business, it’s simple to verify or dispute a claim saving you and your business.

Prevent Employee Theft

Companies lose a significant amount of money each and every year due to employee theft. Adding video surveillance to your current security system can help to curb this type of behaviour. Surveillance cameras placed in obvious locations will implicitly inform employees that someone is watching, while hidden cameras in main locations can catch employees being honest. While it’s not pleasant to assume employees would steal from a business; it’s crucial to protect your livelihood.

Improve Business Strategy

Once you have cameras installed with different vantage points throughout the building - you may be able to gain a new perspective on your businesses’ customer flow. With security cameras, you can also assess common traffic patterns and the areas where customers spend the most time.

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