Flood & Freeze Sensor

Effective sensing and detection

Protect your home from floods, broken pipes, and water overflows. Whether home or away, the Canadian elements can wreak havoc on your residence, cottage, or business. Adding centrally monitored flood sensors will not only protect your home from potential disaster, but can also earn you discounts on your home insurance.

Insurance discounts: average claims for damage due to floods is $46,000. damage from flooding often involves more than just replacing the carpet or furniture. frequently, you must seek out mold or replace important infrastructure inside your home. early detection with flood motion detectors is a key element in preventing damage and possibly earning insurance discounts when having one installed and monitored.

Detect leaky faucets and pipes: while the weather is a leading cause of floods, in a close second is leaky dishwasher pipes, bathtubs, toilets, fish tanks and the washing machine. with a water probe sensor installed near concerning areas you will get a notification if one inch of water is detected allowing you to act swiftly to shut off the source.

Sub pump sensor: when there is a heavy rainfall, power outage or fast thaw in spring sub pumps become quickly overwhelmed and may begin to over flow into your basement causing extensive damage. with a monitored detection device such as a sub pump sensor hooked up to your security system you will be notified before it happens.

The GlobalTek Flood & Freeze Sensor from Interlogix® is a small, non-obtrusive device that alerts users when water is detected or if the surrounding area’s temperature drops below a set point. Due to its small size, the sensor can be placed under sinks, toilets or near hot water tanks making it ideal for high-risk areas and reducing the potential of environmental risks.

How the Flood/Freeze Sensor works

Within two seconds of detecting water, the GlobalTek Flood & Freeze Sensor transmits an alarm notifying the user of a water leak or possible flood. The freeze detection feature also reduces the possibility of pipes freezing by transmitting an alarm notification if the temperature in the surrounding area drops below 42 degrees Fahrenheit or 5.5 degrees Celsius.

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