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GlobalTek Security is a proud provider of home security systems and services to home owners across the Southern Ontario region, including Hamilton, Woodstock, London, Stoney Creek and Niagara.

Globaltek Security Technicians are CANASA-certified

CANASA Certified

All our Technicians are CANASA-certified. With GlobalTek, you’ll always have a uniform installation that conforms to best practices with Technicians that are properly trained and vetted.

GlobalTek is certified across multiple brands and platforms

Multiple Platforms Available

Every application requires a different solution. GlobalTek is certified across multiple brands and platforms, thus ensuring the correct application to meet your needs.

Switch to GlobalTek Security for FREE

Rate Reductions

Already have a security system? You may be overpaying. Switch to GlobalTek for FREE, and enjoy having the industry’s lowest rates, with a full-service warranty and live email/text reporting.

24/7 Real-Time Technical Support

24/7 Real-Time Technical Support

Having system issues off hours? Call our Live Technical Support Team and we’ll address your issue in real time, whether it’s 5:00PM, or 5:00AM.

Globaltek Security Contract-Free Options

Contract-Free Options

Tired of signing burdensome long-term contracts? GlobalTek is so confident in our service record and value proposition, that we will onboard your account with flexible terms. Sign up today, cancel anytime!

No Resellers

No Resellers

GlobalTek Security holds all its accounts in-house. We never sell your alarm contract to a third party. We do not offer stuff you may not need. We consult only based on your requirements.

24HR Monitoring

Mobile Medical Alert Systems Medical Alerts GPS Medical Products Verified Video Alarm Monitoring

Keeping your business safe is essential to success.

GlobalTek Security provides comprehensive corporate, industrial, and commercial packages with many features including:

  • Card access, locks, and alarm systems.
  • State-of-the-art video surveillance and video verification monitoring.
  • Full service account management with 24-hour support desk.
  • Fogging devices to deter intruders for high-risk assets

Revolutionary mobile medical alert system - keeps you safe, whether you are at home, or on the go.

Globaltek Security offers life safety medical alert system that can notify emergency services when you need them faster and more efficiently than ever before. GlobalTek Security provides comprehensive corporate, industrial, and commercial packages with many features including:

  • Simply press the button on your unit to be connected to an operator, 24 hours a day/7 days a week.
  • Take it anywhere with cellular coverage and we will get you help when you need it!
  • You can wear a waterproof device in the bath or shower where most accidents occur.
  • Medical pendants and stand-alone medical alarm system, can improve the safety, comfort, and quality of life for people who are at risk for medical accidents at home


Home Automation Surveillance Cameras

Control your home from any location.

The GlobalTek Smart App gives you the mobility to control your alarm, locks, lights, thermostats and appliances simply and easily no matter where you are, giving you a safer and smarter home.

Some of the benefits of choosing Globaltek for your smart home automation services include:

  • Save up to 10-30% per year on your hydro bill;
  • Peace of mind from accidental fires with appliances left on;
  • Live video alerts of comings and goings from your home;
  • Geo fence scene activations;
  • Voice control your smart home.

GlobalTek’s Trusted Video Solutions

View your home in real time, anywhere in the world.

Whether you’re checking in on your home while on vacation or simply viewing your baby, GlobalTek has the right solution for any size home.

  • Wireless options through your local Wi-Fi;
  • Two Way voice through camera;
  • Check in on your home anytime;
  • 7 to 30-day recording, locally or cloud-based;
  • Live video clips sent to your phone;
  • Video verified monitoring with flexible options;
  • Traditional CCTV hard-wired solutions with 720p to 4k resolution.

No hidden fees and flexible terms

We offer the best in the industry, including full service warranty so you never have to pay for a service call.

One of the biggest benefits of choosing GlobalTek for your home security service is our rates.

  • Switch to GlobalTek Security for absolutely free!
  • Monitoring rates start as low as $19.99!
  • No surprise fees or hidden charges!
  • Not meeting your expectations – You’re free to cancel anytime!
  • Email & SMS notifications to your mobile device.

True peace of mind with GlobalTek

Whether you're caring for an elderly family member or your children 24 hour monitoring allows you to stay connected with those you love.

With our security monitoring services, you’ll never have to worry about coming home only to find doors open and your possessions exposed to the elements. Our highly trained staff at our monitoring station can monitor you for flood, burglary, carbon monoxide, fire, building temperature, and even personal emergencies.

  • 24 hour monitoring;
  • Trained staff can monitor you for flood, burglary, carbon monoxide, fire, building temperature, and even personal emergencies;
  • Only industry approved equipment;
  • ULC Listed Monitoring Station.

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Business Security Systems Access Control Video Verification Monitoring Commercial Surveillance Cameras Loan Workers Tracking Window Film Fog Detection Devices

Keeping your business safe is essential to success.

    GlobalTek Security provides comprehensive corporate, industrial, and commercial packages with many features including:
  • Card access, locks, and alarm systems.
  • State-of-the-art video surveillance and video verification monitoring.
  • Full service account management with 24-hour support desk.
  • Fogging devices to deter intruders for high-risk assets

Increasy safety and control business

Access Control System allows a business to give only approved or specially trained employees access to designated areas.

Access Control System keeps track of who’s coming and who’s going, logging every entry and exit of each individual. Top benefits of access control system:

  • No more lost keys;
  • Know who is coming and going;
  • No undetected strangers;
  • Reduce chaos of after-hour shifts;
  • Secure sensitive information;
  • Increase safety;
  • Reduce theft and accidents;
  • Control multiple access across multiple properties.

Monitor your business when you’re not there

The security system takes away the need to worry constantly about break-ins.

GlobalTek’s business security systems and operators, if required, can manage any situation that should arise.

  • Live event notifications;
  • Save on your business insurance;
  • Peace of mind 24/7.

Protect Your Business with a Video Surveillance Systems

Proper CCTV Surveillance Systems can record the criminal activity and can notify you that something is happening.

With a commercial video surveillance system installed in your business, it’s simple to verify or dispute a claim saving you and your business.

  • Protect your business from burglars and shoplifters;
  • Protect your business from false workers's insurance claims;
  • Prevent employee theft;
  • Improve business strategy.

GLOBALTEK has partnered with the World leader in fog security

Intruders are instantly stopped from entering or progressing in the protected area minimizing damage and loss.

The dense and stable fog ejected acts as a shield and prevents access to asset and merchandise. The fog is harmless and safe to use in any environment.

Thieves cannot steal what they cannot see.

Protect employees, customers and property using the best technology available

Use as evidence for a legal case or proof of claim for an insurance report.

First responders typically respond quicker when they know an alarm has been verified. This may help limit the losses incurred by unwanted incidents:

  • Ensure police and/or fire departments are dispatched to a "real" alarm;
  • Prevent the assessment of heavy fines for false alarms;
  • Prevent being on the "suspended" list for police or fire response.

Security window film is an undetectable sheet

Shatterproof glass is an excellent way to prevent vandalism, as would-be vandals cannot break windows with rocks or other objects.

Burglar attempts to shoot or breakdown your glass only to discover it refuses to budge because you’ve got an invisible layer of security film holding it together.

  • Stop break-ins through windows;
  • Prevent vandalism;
  • Shields against UV rays.

Environmental protection

Temperature Devices Smoke Detectors Carbon Monoxide Detectors Flood Sensors

Constant monitoring of the internal temperature of your home

Temperature device alerts you if there is any change in the temperature, giving you time to react and prevent potential damage to home, valuables and property.

Features of the temperature sensor:

  • Safety against extreme temperature changes;
  • Great for use especially if you have elderly family members at home;
  • Great for use if you have a pet at home during the day when there’s no one else at home;
  • Prevent property damage and injuries;
  • Customized temperature sensor settings.

Prevent property damages with smart smoke detectors

The smart smoke detector will contact the monitoring station whether you’re at home, at the movies our on vacation thus saving time on dispatching the fire department.

Increase your peace of mind with smart smoke detectors:

  • Adds convenience;
  • Added safety;
  • Insurance discount.

Prevent your loved ones from carbon monoxide poisoning

Carbon monoxide is a very poisonous gas and continuous inhalation may cause death. It is an odorless, invisible, and extremely dangerous gas, which can be given off by the most common appliances in your home.

The voice alarm eliminates any confusion and clearly warns you and your family of a smoke or carbon monoxide hazard:

  • Early warning if any co is leaking into your home;
  • Stability against changing temperatures and humidity.

Early detection with flood motion detectors is a key element in preventing property damage

Damage from flooding often involves more than just replacing the carpet or furniture. Frequently, you must seek out mold or replace important infrastructure inside your home.

With a water probe sensor installed near concerning areas you will get a notification if one inch of water is detected:

  • Insurance discount;
  • Detect leaky faucets and pipes;
  • Sub pump sensors.

Professionally Monitored Security

Keep your property safe with 24/7 professional monitoring and emergency response.



Protect your business with security that goes the extra mile to keep you aware and in control — from anywhere.



Get best-in-class security, plus smart home automation the whole family will love.


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Globaltek Security - commercial security system

Prevent break-ins

By installing a commercial security system, you will be able to monitor several areas of your building at one time.


Globaltek Security - no contract

Contract-Free options

At Globaltek Security, you’ll always have the benefit of the lowest monthly rates without long-term contracts.

Globaltek Security - rate reduction program

Rate Reduction

Monitoring rates start as low as $19.99. Fixed rates and flexible terms. No surprise fees or hidden charges! Free cancellation!


Globaltek Security - smart home alarm system

Smart Home Alarm

Smart Home Alarm works with remote web-based applications and delivers you back home from anywhere.

Globaltek Security - Life Safety Package

Life Safety Package

The life safety packages from Globaltek Security allow you to remain independent in your home with 24-hour peace of mind.


Globaltek Security - smart economy

Smart Economy

Manage lights, and adjust the temperature on your thermostat from the web and your mobile device.



With all this servises and more, its easy to see why GlobalTek Security has earned the title as one of the most trusted security company on Southern Ontario

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