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Certification for Joint Health and Safety Committee MembersCertification for Joint Health and Safety Committee Members

Who Is In Your Home?

GlobalTek Security is a proud member of CANASA and sits on the Golden Horse Shoe, the security industry continues to grow and evolve at a break-neck speed, what hasn’t quite kept pace are the regulatory and self-regulatory bodies responsible for governance and compliance for our industry.

Telemarketing companies both domestic and international that solicit for security, continue to ignore CRTC rules and the Canadian DO-NOT-CALL List. Field workers and door knockers have been documented both online and in traditional media engaging in aggressive sales tactics, locking people into long-term contracts unbeknownst to the client, and/or otherwise disappearing post-installation when service is required by the client.

CANASA (Canadian Security Association) serves to not only be an advocate for our industry—Members and Clients included—but also to set the proper guidelines, protocols, and procedures for the industry overall. Security Professionals who are CANASA Members and Service Technicians who have completed its industry courses, are uniquely qualified and proficient at not only consulting on and performing a proper alarm installation, but also to provide YOU, the client with “peace of mind,” as you can rest assured that you have a properly vetted, industry-licensed security professional in your home.

Don’t be afraid to ask for certification and don’t be afraid to ask for proof. The future of our industry depends on it! By only demanding industry certified professionals in your home, you are not only doing your part to help standardize our industry, but also ensuring a quality experience and proper installation of your home or business security system.

Visit CANASA.ORG today to learn more about our industry initiatives.

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