Home temperature monitoring system

Your stability against changing temperatures and humidity

Home temperature monitoring ensures the comfort and safety of your family, and the protection of your home and valuables from serious damage, no matter how extreme the season. Benefits of having temperature monitoring system at your home:

• constant monitoring of the internal temperature of your home

• safety against extreme temperature changes

• great for use especially if you have elderly family members at home

• great for use if you have a pet at home during the day when there’s no one else at home

• prevent property damage and injuries

• customized temperature sensor settings

Freeze Detection

Low-Temperature Sensors are quickly becoming mandatory items by most Canadian insurance companies, given our seasonal climate. And while not all insurance providers are imposing these requirements, they all recognize forward-thinking homeowners who install them by rewarding them with lower premiums. Freezing pipes that burst can destroy your entire home with water damage, and can even cause a fire if the water crosses over to the electrical.

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