Fog Detection Devices

Globaltek has partnered with the world leader in fog security - Bandit

Speed: Bandit is the fastest security fogging device on the market with 28 cubic meters of fog per second ( 1000 cubic feet / second). intruders are instantly stopped from entering or progressing in the protected area minimizing damage and loss.

Density: Bandit is the highest density security fogging device on the market. the dense and stable fog ejected acts as a shield and prevents access to asset and merchandise. the fog is harmless and safe to use in any environment.

Reliability: Bandit’s state of the art patented technology is supported by more than 25 years of r&d and improvement. european manufacturing paired with high-quality components guarantee an outstanding reliability. fully integrated, its continuous self-diagnostics reports status changes immediately.

Operational cost: Bandit offers a very low maintenance and running cost. the unit provides the possibility of multiple ejections without a technician’s intervention. the hermetically sealed fluid cartridges will last years and the automatic self-cleaning will guarantee optimal performances

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