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GlobalTek Authorized Dealer Program


Most dealer programs claim to “help you grow your business” and even be your “partner in success,” but do they back their words with deeds, or are these just quaint soundbites and ultimately empty promises?

The security industry has changed in the last 10 years.  What worked in the 2000s and prior, hasn’t worked in recent years, and won’t as we continue into the 2020s.  If you were present and active in this shifting market this past decade, you’ll know what we’re talking about.

How Are We Different?

Ultimately, we are a security company run by business people, NOT corporate people.  For those who have experience with dealer programs, you’ll understand what that means.  In a statement: we understand your challenges as a security dealer in the present market.  

We respect your challenges as business owners, because we are business owners.

A Changing Market – Nothing in Life is “FREE.”

Gone are the days of simply knocking doors to give a “FREE” alarm in exchange for a sign on the lawn for “the advertising.”

Customers are savvy now.  They understand what a contract is, and they realize that nothing is free, and the price of that alarm is buried in the monthly fee. And they are effectively committing to a legally binding payment schedule if they take your “free offer.” 

Every new sale is now hard won.

Competitive Takeovers Are Dying

Gone are the days of the easy “takeover sale.”  Simply converting an old DSC or Honeywell panel from a competitor in exchange for a lower rate with your brand, doesn’t pay the dividends it used to. 

Customers know that rate drops generally come with strings (re: a contract).  Also, the people with these old systems are generally in the market for an upgrade, not a rate drop on their old equipment.

The competitive takeover market is slowing too...

In light of this, GlobalTek offers multiple sales verticals to our potential new dealers, to not only make your service offerings multi-faceted, but also your revenue stream more diversified and secure. 

Our service offerings include:

       Residential security (both smart systems and analog)

       Small business security (both smart systems and analog)

       Large commercial and industrial applications

       Card Access


       Video-verified solutions (both CCTV and IP)

       Fogging devices and other reactive platforms

       GPS medical pendants

       Lone worker & fleet managements devices

       And more…

“Brand” Means Nothing—Reputation is Everything

And while the “branded players” may disagree with the above statement for their own reasons, the reality is this… brand recognition means absolutely nothing in the internet era.

Customers know that the boutique players use the exact same equipment, hardware, infrastructure, and technology as the “branded players,” only without that brand premium. 

So why go with a conglomerate, when you can go with a boutique?  Especially if the infrastructure is the same but the price and service are better?

In the 2020s, reputation is everything, brand nothing.  Unfortunately, the old guard dealer programs still haven’t got the memo.

And it gets worse…

How Can You Sell, When You Have to Also Service?

In today’s market, few security companies with dealer programs service their own accounts.  It’s somehow become customary for the dealer to just be an extension of corporate itself.   

“Here’s your funding for your account, sir.  Oh, and in exchange for buying it from your dealer, you must service this account for us too…FOREVER.”

Dealers today must maintain an Administrator, at least one technician, and some sort of after-hours service department to just take calls, because the company they represent OFFERS NOTHING on the service front.  They off it all to the dealer, and with little compensation for the honour.

Being forced to service in perpetuity every account you ever sign up, will eventually crush your dealer.  There will be a point where your entire day is spent servicing pre-existing accounts—that you don’t even own—with no time to seek new business.  This is indisputable.

The reason you opted to be a security dealer and not a security company, was to presumably avoid the pitfalls of the latter, but while gaining all the benefits of the former.

We understand that you do NOT want to service accounts post-installation.  We understand that ideally, you do NOT want the burden of installation.  We also understand that the only time you’d like an interaction with that customer you signed post-install, is if there is a referral to be had.

Our Commitment To You, the Dealer

Like other dealer programs, we commit to paying competitive multiples with lightning fast funding, and a robust Dealer Services Department. 

But we also take the installation, the post-install servicing, the administration, and post-sales support right off your plate.  We set you up to WIN from the start by allowing you to focus on what you need to— which is selling your services and securing more business.

Let us handle the rest.  And that is our value proposition.  This is how we’re different.

We invite you to contact us to learn more.  And remember, unlike other programs, we allocate our dealers geographically, and give you exclusivity over your region.  Once a region has representation, we won’t commission another dealer in the same area.  We invite you to not delay.   We look forward to your phone call.

To your success,
Lee Melarangeli
Director of Residential Programs

GlobalTek Security Inc.