Video Verification Monitoring

Video verification monitoring

Video Verification is the pairing of alarm notifications with live security video clips of whatever caused the alarm. It allows central monitoring station operators to see what is activating the alarm — verifying if there is actual criminal activity occurring, or if it’s a false alarm. At the same time, business owners get a notification if an intruder is detected.

Video Verification lets operators catch burglars in the act, and deploy police officers to the site while the crime is in progress.

• Ensure police and/or fire departments are dispatched to a "real" alarm. • Prevent the assessment of heavy fines for false alarms. • Prevent being on the "suspended" list for police or fire response. • First responders typically respond quicker when they know an alarm has been verified. This may help limit the losses incurred by unwanted incidents. • Use as evidence for a legal case or proof of claim for an insurance report. • Protect employees, customers and property using the best technology available

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