24HR Monitoring

24HR Monitoring

Keep an eye on activity at your property with professionally hosted video monitoring.

At GlobalTek we don't offer just 24-hour monitoring we offer true peace of mind. Whether you're caring for an elderly family member or your children are coming home from school 24-hour monitoring allows you to stay connected with those you love. Offices with valuable office equipment and property that you need to keep safe and secure at all times are just some of our 24 Hour Monitoring services.

Security monitoring services

With our security monitoring services, you’ll never have to worry about coming home only to find doors open and your possessions exposed to the elements. Our highly trained staff at our monitoring station can monitor you for flood, burglary, carbon monoxide, fire, building temperature, and even personal emergencies (e.g. medical).

Why you need security monitoring

Even with modern DIY equipment, monitoring is essential. The extra layer of protection that 24-hour monitoring offers is priceless. Police do not respond to end users calling in an alarm that was sent to them by a DYI system. A burglar does there homework and typically knows a DIY system from a professionally installed brand. Sirens are very effective at driving out an intruder but two- way voice has shown to be more effective. A combo of better user education, user-friendly equipment, and more intricate monitoring will help to significantly enhance your security and protection.

What to Expect

We install equipment that is industry approved, monitor the area and put in place a complete response plan that is customized to your needs allowing our ULC Listed Monitoring Station to act and save those precious few seconds. With our 24/7 monitoring facility's, you will enjoy peace of mind knowing that in the case of an emergency, we’re ready and prepared to respond.

Features of 24-hour monitoring

There are many reasons to have 24-hour monitoring:

- Keep a close eye on your home and loved ones;
- Screen visitors;
- Have the ability to monitor multiple locations inside/outside your home over one platform;
- Monitor vulnerable assets;
- Record video clips or take snapshots;
- Quickly and easily record and playback videos for personal or police evidence.


Globaltek Security offers 24-hour monitoring for the following services:

- Burglary detection;
- Fire detection;
- Medical alerts;
- People tracking;
- Environmental monitoring;
- Video Verification.

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