The Most Trusted Security System Provider in Woodstock

Globaltek Security is the country’s number one provider of high-quality innovative alarm systems and surveillance technology. Keep your home or commercial property protected at a competitive rate with the latest in Globaltek security systems. There has never been a safer, smarter way to operate your home security system. Here is some more information about the broad range of security and surveillance tools available with Globaltek, the most reliable provider of security systems in Woodstock and the surrounding area.

What are our services?

With the goal to safeguard your property’s interior and exterior, we cover the following services:

  • Corporate & Home Security Systems
  • Home Automation Services
  • Surveillance Cameras Services
  • Home Alarm Systems Services
  • Life Safety Systems

Who will install my security system?

Our security service providers are experienced technicians that will work efficiently and diligently in order to service you with the finest security upgrades available in the Woodstock area. If you have any concerns about the installation of your security system, our professional technicians have the experience and knowledge necessary to answer all your questions.

How does the Globaltek Mobile Security App work?

Now, you can protect your home in the most efficient way possible: through any portable smart device, including your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Our mobile app was designed exclusively to control a wide range of devices: your security system, thermostat, appliances, lights—even your doors and locks. For the first time, you can access your tech anywhere, anytime, whether you are at work, a friend’s house, or in another country. Complete control over the protection of your home or business is at your fingertips

What are the benefits of an advanced security system from Globaltek?

There are several benefits to optimizing your security system:

  • If your property has been breached, you can receive notifications instantly and view live footage directly from your smart device through a free live link stamped in real-time.
  • Globaltek offers technical support and professional monitoring 24/7.
  • With Globaltek, you have the option to connect other systems to your security app, such as your front door or garage. Your daily routine can be simplified by programming your doors to lock upon leaving the house, adjusting your thermostat, being notified of power failures, etc.

Why switch to Globaltek?

You may be reluctant to switch because you already have a security system installed in your home or business. Globaltek makes it easier than ever to switch home and commercial security providers. Here are just a few reasons to switch to Globaltek Security today:

  • It’s free! You may be overpaying for your security system; so by making a switch, we offer free installation, flexible terms, and the option to cancel anytime.
  • Full-service warranty—you never have to pay for a service call again.
  • Fixed rates only, so no surprises.

Keep your property safe and secure. Contact us at Globaltek for more information about our security services available in the Woodstock area and receive a free assessment!

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