Video Analytics

Smarter Alerts with Video Analytics

Video Analytics technology can trigger analytics-driven smarter home automation

The new Video Analytics feature enables you to get smarter video alerts on what matters most to you. Video Analytics continuously scans the property and only notifies the owner when people, vehicles or animals are detected. Combined with new virtual tripwires and fenced-in activity zones, you can enhance perimeter security and gain more insight into what's going on at home.

Receive video alerts on what matters most to you, like when a:

- Person enters the yard, but not animals;
- Car pulls into the driveway at night, but not when it drives past;
- Person loiters on the porch, but not when mail is delivered;
- Pet gets on the sofa, but not when it's walking around the room.

Video Analytics is available in the new Pro Video with Analytics service package which offers:

- Upgrades without truck rolls;
- More video clips, 3,000 clips per month vs. 1,000 with Pro Video;
- Object detection (Person/Vehicle/Animal) and machine learning;
- You get the most advanced smart home security.

Pro Video with Analytics is currently available with the ADC-V522IR Indoor Camera and ADC-V722W Outdoor Camera.
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