Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection

Flood, Smoke, Freeze and Carbon Monoxide Detection

Protect your home from floods, broken pipes, and water overflows. Whether home or away, the Canadian elements can wreak havoc on your residence, cottage, or business. Adding centrally monitored flood sensors will not only protect your home from potential disaster, but can also earn you discounts on your home insurance.

Be alerted to a problem before it gets worse.

Our monitored flood, smoke, freeze, and carbon monoxide detectors will trigger an alarm and instantly alert the GlobalTek Central Station, so we can take action immediately. These devices can save lives, and avoid costly damage.

Environmental protection

Temperature devices
Smoke detectors
Carbon monoxide detectors
Flood sensors

Carbon Monoxide Detection

Carbon Monoxide monitoring, whether for residential or commercial, is certainly a requirement. Carbon is an odorless gas, unlike smoke or fire, the risk of this gas is when you are HOME, and not out. Therefore, the local alarm will alert you accordingly. The only exception is if you are a pet owner or caregiver, then the extra expenditure is worth every penny and we’ll be happy to alert you when absent of a Carbon Monoxide breach, so you (or we) can alert loved ones and dispatch appropriate personnel.

Freeze Detection

Low-temperature sensors are quickly becoming mandatory items by most Canadian insurance companies, given our seasonal climate. And while not all insurance providers are imposing these requirements, they all recognize forward-thinking homeowners who install them by rewarding them with lower premiums. Freezing pipes that burst can destroy your entire home with water damage, and can even cause fire if the water crosses over to the electrical.

Smoke and Heat Detection

GlobalTek highly recommends centrally monitored early warning fire and smoke detection systems. The sooner a fire is detected, the better the outcome for saving lives and reducing property damage. GlobalTek offers rate-of-rise heat detectors and smoke/fire detectors without affecting your monitoring costs.

Correct installation and maintenance of smoke and heat detectors prevent unwanted nuisance alarms. Occupants can become desensitized when repeated nuisance alarms occur. In some worst-case scenarios, technicians disconnect alarms from the system to avoid unnecessary disruption. This negates a detector’s potential lifesaving benefit, making the proper operation of an early warning fire and/or smoke detection system indispensable.

24/7 Monitoring and detection

Our flood, smoke, freeze, and carbon monoxide detectors are always on. Leave pets at home knowing if anything happens, you’ll be alerted.

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