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“But Mr. Offshore Phone Salesman, You Certainly Don’t Sound Like You Work for a Canadian Security Company?”

Here’s a scenario that may seem familiar…

You’re sitting at home, winding down after a long day and suddenly, the phone rings. You get up, check the number, and realize instantly that it is nobody you know—the display number is unrecognizable.

So what do you do?

Your first instinct is to let it go to voicemail. Your better judgement tells you it’s a Telemarketer.  You almost KNOW it’s a Telemarketer.  But, as always, your more cautious side tells you, “Hey, wait a minute, this could be an important call and maybe I just don’t recognize the number.” And away you go and pick up that phone.

“Hello Ma’am. My name is ‘Peter,’ I’m calling about home security. I’m calling from ‘ABC Canadian Alarms.’”

And even though his thick foreign accent informs you that English is NOT his first language, this is not the major issue. The odd telephone number on your call display combined with the multitude of foreign languages heard in the background while he speaks to you reveals that he could not possibly be local—but YET, he claims to work for a Canadian security company.

Now, if you happen to be in the market for home security you may be tempted to stay on the phone with this gentleman. After all, would any large, formidable, and reputable Canadian security company be so underhanded to engage in an offshore Telemarketing scam? Of course not…so maybe this guy’s legitimate?

And so you stay on the phone. Even worse, you book an appointment with this stranger to have someone come out to your house “for a demonstration.”

Now, what’s the problem with all this?

Here’s the problem…

You booked an appointment through this individual because you thought he had a relationship with a legitimate Canadian security company, when in fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

Globaltek Security absolutely forbids any of its Sales Representatives nation-wide from dealing with these offshore Telemarketing outfits.


Well, to start, we cannot control how they conduct their business or sales practices.  Second, they are jurisdictionally untouchable and therefore unaccountable since they are not on Canadian soil.  Third, they do NOT follow ANY of the CRTC guidelines regarding Canadian Tele-sales.  Lastly, they do not adhere to Canada’s National Do-Not-Call list.

Worse yet, if you show even a modicum of interest to these offshore agencies when they call, they will hound you to the point where you will consider changing your number. Anyone who has ever dealt with these individuals knows EXACTLY what we’re talking about.

And this is exactly why Globaltek Security forbids any of its Sales Managers or Associates nation-wide from engaging in business relationships with these offshore entities. They tarnish our brand—in effect lying about working with us in a dishonest attempt to establish credibility over the phone so you’ll talk with them.

…And that is why you are reading this Bulletin on our Blog right now.

Because even though many security companies in Canada forbid their resident Dealers from using these agencies, rogue Dealers across the country are using them anyway, “under the radar.”


Because these offshore agencies work for FREE unless they can book a viable lead for the Dealer in question. That is why they are so PUSHY with you—they desperately need you to book that appointment. And the amount of money these Dealers do pay if the account actually comes on board…is absolutely abysmal. In many cases they are not even paid in Canadian currency, but rather in their own, local money. Ethically, this is a scenario from which Globaltek Security would like to steer clear.

So remember, the next time you get an overseas call from a gentleman claiming to be from a known Canadian security company, your best bet is simply hang-up. They are not affiliated with them or us in anyway whatsoever.

Even better, if you want to “fight the good fight,” insist that the Telemarketer tell you what company he represents, then report it Globaltek Security, we’d love to hear from you!

A strictly Canadian brand like Globaltek Security prefers to employ people right here in Canada. These offshore Telemarketing agencies do not adhere to our corporate protocols or sales culture, CRTC rules regarding telemarketing, and definitely do not adhere to not calling Canadians who are on the National Do-Not-Call list.

So beware.  Making good decisions regarding home or business security requies being informed.  Always be sure you’re dealing with a legitimate truly CANADIAN security company.

Want to learn the circumstances when a real  Canadian security representative may reach out to you regarding a home service? Want to learn your options? Want the straight goods?

Contact Globaltek Security NOW and put Canada’s largest home security provider to work for YOU!

Globaltek Security – Security Team

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