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Get the Highest Quality Corporate and Industrial Security Services from Globaltek Security

Keeping your business safe and protected is crucial to the success of any company. Security breaches can put your employees and colleagues at risk, not to mention the theft and property damage that can result from illegal trespassing. At Globaltek Security, we recognize how important security is to any business, which is why we offer the latest in corporate and industrial security services to companies across the Southern Ontario region. Some of our corporate and industrial security services include:

  • Card access
  • State-of-the-art video surveillance and video verification monitoring
  • Window film for increased protection, security and fire protection
  • Bandit fogging system, which generates fog to disorient and slow down trespassers, pushing them out the way they came in
  • Full service account management with 24-hour support desk

Here is some more information about the corporate and industrial security systems and services available today from Globaltek Security:

The Latest in Video Surveillance

Some of our video surveillance services include:

  • Video Analytics with visual confirmation of staff, people counting at access points which complements access control procedures and provides security for staff.
  • Real time video monitoring and recording of events in areas where an alarm has been triggered which facilitates appropriate response, provide identification of intruders and records evidence of the incident for the authorities.
  • Monitoring points of sale, warehouse activity, company assets and staff property which detects and discourages dishonest.
  • Recording of staff accidents and incidents for WSIB liability  purposes.
  • Verification of events recorded on access control systems.

GlobalTek Video Recording systems also have options for remote access, such that a broadband connection will allow you to remotely view the cameras from any location in the world on your computer and even on your Android, iPhone or pocket PC.

With the advent of the latest HD-CVI or HD-SDI CCTV recording systems, upgrading older analogue systems can be cheaper because existing coaxial cables can be reused for full HD cameras. Talk to us about how we can improve your existing low-resolution CCTV by up to 4 times the quality. You’ll be surprised by how cost-effective it is!

Security Monitoring Services

 Beyond simply installing your security system, the technicians at Globaltek Security will provide expert security monitoring services as well. Our trained technicians will monitor your cameras for you and will alert and dispatch the proper authorities in case of security breach. At Globaltek, we staff 2.5 alarm operators per 3000 clients, which is two times the industry requirement. This allows us to have faster response times when a security breach is detected. Never wait on hold again with our live 24/7 monitoring operators. All of our technicians are fully certified by the Canadian Security Association (CANASA). For the highest quality and most responsive security system in Southern Ontario, choose Globaltek today.

Globaltek Security: Your Corporate and Industrial Security Providers

 Corporate and industrial security is necessary to the success and well-being of your business. Finding the right security system for your commercial or industrial property can be difficult. At Globaltek Security, our team of professionals will work with youth determine what security systems best address the needs of your company. We will then provide expert installation services, as well as maintenance and repairs and monitoring services. Give your business the protection it needs with corporate and industrial security systems from Globaltek Security. For more information about our corporate and industrial security systems and services, contact us today.

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