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The Most Important Security Question Nobody Ever Asks.

When an individual seeks alarm security for either their home or business they usually have a series of relevant and thoughtful questions before settling on a security company to provide their service.

The “usual suspects” as far goes questions include:

(1) Is there a contract and if so, for how long? (2) Will my rates remain fixed? (3) Elaborate on my Warranty, if any? (4) What is the procedure in the event of burglary or fire? (5) Is your brand Canadian?

These are all great questions, to be sure.  And informed consumers ask them often.  But we have a tip for you people who are in the market for an alarm.  We have a question you MUST ask your Security Advisor before proceeding with them but probably would never think to ask on your own (and we don’t blame you).

Because it’s an “Insider Question.”

Its answer will determine whether you should even entertain that company as your security provider, or continue searching.

And here it is:

“Does your security company use industry standard equipment for installations or proprietary equipment?”

That’s right.  The above listed questions are great, but the one just mentioned is by far the MOST important in our opinion.


Because there are large Canadian providers of alarm security here in Canada who do NOT defer to the industry leaders for the manufacturing of their devices but instead attempt to develop their own products in-house because it’s cheaper.  We are not going to mention names, of course, but a quick Google search will bring them up fast.

Now, what is the problem with this?  Well, to begin, if you grow unhappy with their service, you are NOT in a position to use that same equipment and go elsewhere—the device is simply not compatible.

Second, because THEY are the only company that uses the equipment, they will likely sign you to a perpetual lease so they can rip it out of your house and put it in someone else’s if you quit, so as to not lose the original investment of manufacturing it in-house in the first place.

Not to mention, since they re-use equipment, the device you had put in your own home originally was itself  likely second-hand—hijacked from another customer who didn’t realize they could have their system taken when they quit because they signed a contract claiming they never owned it in the first place.

Wherein, had you simply dealt with a company that honoured your right to system ownership, the onus would be on the company  to perform, or else you could simply quit and keep the system, or go elsewhere.  Basically, you’re in the driver’s seat the whole time.

But with a company that installs proprietary equipment with a perpetual lease clause, if they fall short on service, not only do they get their system back when you quit, all you’re left with are the holes in the wall they left behind—WITHOUT your system.

And all this stems from the fact they use proprietary equipment that they lease to you—FOREVER.  You will never enjoy system ownership with these companies, and you certainly will NOT enjoy the flexibility of switching to another provider in the event you grow unhappy.  They hold all the cards.

So please do ask this question when scouting the market for a home security system, or when shopping the market for a new provider.

Want to learn the standard manufacturers of these systems for our industry?  Want to learn your options?  Want the straight goods?

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Globaltek Security – Security Team

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