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For Immediate Release:

GlobalTek Security Inc. (GlobalTek) has forged a strategic alliance with multi-million-dollar investment pool, to provision financing for scaled growth to pre-existing Authorized Dealer Program.

Our funding programs will interest potential dealers desiring uniform payout schedules and fast (even weekly) funding, but also to those wishing to provide financing options to their new or existing clients for larger projects; such as multi-camera CCTV installations, fire suppression systems, and large industrial-grade card access platforms.


Our Background

GlobalTek Security began operations in 2002, as a technician contracting company.  Then named “ANK TECH,” its prime operations included subbing its roster of technicians to security companies to satisfy their overflow requirements on a needs-only basis.

During the 2000s, ANK TECH built an industry-wide reputation by providing quality and timely work to many the major security brands including but not limited to:

·         ADT Canada

·         A.P.I. Alarm

·         Reliance Protectron Security Services

·         Security 24 Monitoring

·         Alliance Security

·         Logan Alarm

·         Protection Plus

·         Counterforce Corporation

·         Chubb Edwards (dealer channel)

·         Chubb Edwards (corporate channel)

·         And many more “authorized dealers” and independents

In September 2006, Regional Protection Security Inc. was officially created and incorporated (RP Security).  Largely a sales and marketing outfit, RP Security found its first home through the wholesale channel at Reliance Protectron (Security 24), as an authorized security dealer.

Though largely operating as a sub-dealer its first three years, by the 2010s however, RP Security had established itself as a bona fide “direct dealer” with the wholesale division of Reliance Protectron, having built a respectable subscriber base within a relatively short timeframe.


ADT Security Purchases Reliance Protectron

May 1st, 2014 the announcement came that ADT Security was acquiring Reliance Protection.  Wishing not to continue relations under what would now be ADT, RP Security migrated its subscriber base to the residential division of UTC Fire & Security, Counterforce Corporation.


Strategic Alliance

ANK TECH, now operating as ANK Security, landed a contracting relationship with Counterforce/Chubb Edwards during the mid 2010s.  RP Security penned its dealer agreement at Counterforce shortly after ANK signed its contract, thus making a strategic alliance in late 2014 a natural fit for both companies, as they were now both operating under the same corporate umbrella. and the Rise of GlobalTek Security

In early 2015, RP Security and ANK Security launched Ontario’s first white label technician service desk.  Unlike other third-party contractors availing their services to the security industry, our service desk had a distinct value proposition.

We operated exclusively under the “” white label brand, promising no markers or affiliations to ANK Security or RP Security.  This removed any perceived conflicts of interest with vendors, while alleviating customer confusion in the process, as we were simply viewed as an extension of the company we were operating on behalf of.

It was the success of our white label service desk (via ANK) that helped bankroll the several hundred subscribers acquired by RP Security’s sales desk during late 2014 and 2015.


Industry Recognition and Media Spots

In late 2015, RP Security and ANK formally joined forces to form GlobalTek Security Inc. to further grow its brand under our new business model of running a “double desk” in unison.

While always a member of the Canadian Security Association (CANASA) since inception, in 2016 GlobalTek was nominated to a vacant seat for CANASA’s Golden Horseshoe Council.  GlobalTek won the seat and has successfully held it since 2016.

In January 2017, GlobalTek Security was confirmed as Counterforce’s fastest growing wholesale dealer.  In Spring 2017, the Niagara Entrepreneur of the Year Awards (NEYA) recognized our atypical growth story and nominated us for their “Emerging Entrepreneur” category.  In Summer 2017 CHCH news ran a television spot on the benefits of camera surveillance and deferred to GlobalTek to provide authoritative insights on the industry’s latest technology.


Service Desk Discontinuation & Account Rebranding

With now a quadruple-digit in-house subscriber base and a healthy balance sheet, GlobalTek made the executive decision to close its white label service desk in December 2018, to redouble its focus on national growth and account acquisition.  The “” white label URL, now exists solely as a web-forward to our existing company website.

In 2019, all GlobalTek accounts rebranded from “station-side” to “dealer-side” to better streamline our processes and reduce our company to a singular brand for business purposes.  GlobalTek Security cut all ties with Counterforce Corporation in 2018 and broke out as a stand-alone company.


2020 and Beyond

GlobalTek Security would like to speak with security dealers who wish to remain dealers, and not become pseudo extensions of the corporate brands they represent by continuously servicing, providing ongoing administrative support, and retaining on-call installation technicians—all to service accounts they don’t even own.  This is unfortunately indicative of most dealer programs today.  All these additional functions drag sales and hurt your dealer business.

We also do bulk acquisitions from security companies wanting to monetize their account base and/or wind down their business.  And we are always interested to talk to investors wanting to park their money at competitive interest rates.

We welcome security companies, dealers, and investors alike to call us anytime to discuss opportunities.

GlobalTek Security Inc. – “Securing You, Is ALL We Do.”

“Securing You, Is ALL We Do.”

GlobalTek Security Inc.