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Globaltek Security Provides Home Automation to the London Ontario Area

Globaltek Security is the most trust provider of security systems and services to home owners across London, Ontario and the surrounding area. Our goal is to make home security easier and more effective for you. One of our most popular and innovation systems is our home automation service, which give you control over your home security system no matter where you are. Here is some more information on the home automation system from Globaltek Security and how it’s making home security more convenient for London residents.

Monitor Your Home From Any Location

With the home automation system from Globaltek, you can monitor the status of your home security system no matter where you are using our innovative mobile app. You can change your security settings, turn your alarm system on or off, and monitor your system for any security breaches even when you’re out of the house. Our mobile app works anywhere, whether you’re down the street from your house, at work, or miles away on vacation.

Control More Than Just Your Home Security

The mobile home automation app from Globaltek can be programmed to control more than just your home security. This innovative technology can be programmed to control your doors and locks, your appliances, thermostat and even your lights from wherever you are. Forgot to turn off your stove? With our mobile app, you can prevent silly oversights like that from causing serious damage to your home. Our app has been shown to help homeowners reduce their utility bill by up to 30% by making it easier for them to turn off lights and appliances when they’re out of the house.

The mobile app from Globaltek is changing the face of home security and automation. This technological innovation is one of the reasons why we have earned the reputation as the most trusted security provider in London, Ontario. For the best security system and services for your London home or business, contact us today at Globaltek Security.

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