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The Five Top Tips for Preventing False Alarms…

Recurring false alarm fines generally have two main culprits: a poorly designed system; and new-user error.

Poorly designed security systems remain a recurring problem not only for Canadian alarm companies, but many security companies across North America.

Why is this?

Because in spite of a changing industry wherein many security outfits opt for other methods for generating business such as the telephone or the Internet, many firms still rely on the traditional “tried and true” method of generating accounts for our industry:

…Hiring students to knock doors in the summer months while they’re off school.

These students by definition lack experience, rely on scripted presentations, and do not possess the necessary industry knowledge for proper system design.

What are the hallmark signs of poor system design courtesy of these students attempting to sell you a standard alarm kit?  We certainly cannot list them all, but the following contains some of the more glaring and recurring errors:

  • Installing motion sensors instead of glass-break sensors when you have large pets.
  • Installing regular motion sensors and not pet-immune motion sensors if you have small pets. Pet immune motions allow for small animals (but not crawling burglars) to roam your house without issue.
  • Installing glass-break sensors ALWAYS irrespective of pets, pet-size, or no pets at all…simply to avoid the issue.
  • Installing a motion sensor “upside-down” to re-create pet immunity…only it doesn’t work—a crawling burglar can now navigate your home alarm system free.

Pet-immune motion sensors cost slightly more than standard motion sensors—hence why many students tend to opt for the latter.  They do not want to incur additional costs that may eat into their commissions. So they save themselves a buck but cost YOU money in mounting false alarm fines, simply because they put in the incorrect motion device.

Remember, when it comes to alarms and pets, it’s all about that motion sensor.  It wreaks the most havoc on a customer.  If you have no pets, put in a motion sensor; if you have small pets, consider a pet-immune motion sensor; if you have large pets, opt for a glass-break sensor and avoid the “motion issue” altogether.

This “motion sensor consideration” will go leaps and bounds regarding false alarm prevention.

Now, the other major contributor to false alarm fines is user error.

Did you know that the vast majority of false alarms occur within the first month of installation?

We understand that a new security device can be nerve racking for a client, so be sure you ask your security provider if they offer the following alarm prevention tools:

  • A two-week or one-month “familiarization period” wherein the monitoring station will NOT dispatch police personnel WITHOUT speaking to a home-owner FIRST.
  • A “Q & A” session courtesy of the site Technician assigned to your install to better familiarize you with the more advanced features of your system.
  • A “layered” security option. Put simply, layered security may include a camera linked to your smart phone (we will give you one FREE) layered with a conventional security device so you can view and listen to your residence while speaking with the monitoring station to decide together if a police visit is required…as opposed to blindly dispatching police simply because your alarm sounded.

So to summarize, the following five ideas should never be overlooked when attempting to mitigate false alarms:

1)      Proper system design by a bonefide security professional.
2)      Think “pet immunity” or glass-break sensors if you have animals.
3)      Insist on proper training by a licensed security Technician.
4)      Remember to ask about that “familiarization period.”
5)      “Layered” security is your best friend to prevent false alarms!

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