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Famous People from Hamilton

Hamilton may be a long way from Hollywood, but you would be surprised by the number of famous people that were born and raised there. Hamilton is the third largest city in the province, and that vibrant urban energy has led to the rise of some great talents. Here are just a few of the most beloved celebrities who call Hamilton home.

Eugene Levy

Recognized by his distinctive brows and iconic glasses, Eugene Levy is a comedic legend within Canada and around the globe. The only actor to appear in all eight movies in the American Pie franchise, Levy is known for playing nerdy, unconventional characters. He is a frequent collaborator with writer-director Christopher Guest, appearing in the cult classics Waiting For Guffman and Best in Show. Levy was born in Hamilton to Jewish parents and attended McMaster University, where he was the vice-president of a student film group.

Martin Short

Another iconic comedian, Martin Short is known for his TV roles in programs such as SCTV and Saturday Night Live, as well as film roles in Tim Burton’s Mars Attacks! and the screwball comedy Three Amigos. Born the youngest of five children in Hamilton, Short also attended McMaster University in the city, graduating with a degree in social work. Fun fact: his mother worked as a concertmaster for the Hamilton Symphony Orchestra!

Lawrence Hill

One of Canada’s most iconic contemporary writers, Laurence Hill is most famously the author of The Book of Negros. The Book of Negros was a worldwide success, translated into a number of languages and even adapted into a miniseries for the CBC. Born and raised in Newmarket, Ontario, Hill studied and lived in Toronto, Montreal, Baltimore, Spain, and France before eventually settling in Hamilton.

Hamilton combines the activity of urban life with the tight-knit community of a smaller town, making it the ideal place of talent to thrive. Globaltek Security is a proud provider of security systems and services to residents and business owners across Hamilton. For more information on our security systems and services, contact us today at Globaltek Security.

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