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Common Home Security Mistakes to Avoid

Home security systems from Globaltek Security are helping to keep home across Southern Ontario safer and more protected than ever. Not only do home security systems protect your property and personal belongings; they also ensure your physical safety and the safety of your household. However, many home owners make simple mistakes that undermine the security of their property. Here are some of the most common home security mistakes to avoid to keep your home as well-protected as possible.

Leaving a Spare Key in an Obvious Spot

It’s easy for trespassers to locate an extra key under a lawn ornament, potted plant, or door mat. Leaving a key hidden in these spots can increase the chances of a break-in. For emergency situations such as lost or stolen keys, consider leaving an extra key with a neighbour to avoid jeopardizing your home security. Many home owners are opting for touchscreen or keypad deadbolts to avoid the problem of keys altogether.

Leaving Doors Unlocked

In the US, one third of break-ins occur simply because of unlocked doors. Most home thefts are crimes of opportunity—the more difficult you make it to enter your home, the less incentive a trespasser will have to try. Make sure you keep all entrances locked when you leave the house, especially side doors, garages and basement entrances.

Poor Lighting

Not only is a darkened house an easy target for trespassers; it can also be difficult for neighbours to notice any unusual activity. To keep your house visible and secure, invest in automatic motion-sensing lights around the perimeter of your house. This security feature will put the spotlight on anyone trying to come in or out of your house without wasting electricity or making your utility bill go through the roof.

With a few simple adjustments to your home and daily routine, home security can be simple and convenient. For the highest quality home security system on the market today, customized to suit your needs, choose the innovative system and expert installation and maintenance services of Globaltek Security. For more information or to book a consolation to discuss your security needs, contact us today at Globaltek Security.

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