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The Benefits of Video Surveillance for Business Owners

Security is a huge concern for business owners. Preventing theft and making sure all of your employees, customers and clients are safe within your business are crucial to the success of any company. Video surveillance has long been one of the most effective tools for protecting business security. With advancing technology, today’s video surveillance systems are better equipped than ever to provide you with the security protection you need. Here are some of the benefits of video surveillance for business owners from the security specialists at Globaltek Security.

Reduce External Security Risks

The most obvious reason to invest in a video surveillance is to prevent external security risks such a theft, destruction of property, and petty crime from taking place in and around your business. Not only do security cameras provide a disincentive to trespassers, vandals and thieves, they also provide you with an accurate, time-stamped record of any suspicious activity that takes place on your property to use for investigation and insurance purposes should your business experience any breaches of security.

Prevent Internal Security Risks and Monitor Workplace Issues

Besides external theft and property damage, video surveillance is also the best way to prevent internet theft and security breaches such as the dissemination of confidential data. Not only that, video surveillance footage can be used to monitor workplace issues such as harassment and bullying. Security camera footage has become increasingly crucial to settling HR cases, which can save you a lot of time, money and energy when mediating internal disputes in your company.

Lower Insurance Costs

One of the biggest benefits of having a video surveillance system installed in your business is that it can significantly lower your insurance premiums. Many insurance companies offer reduced rates for businesses with a high quality video surveillance system. Having a video surveillance system installed demonstrates to insurance companies that you’re taking the necessary steps to protect your security, making you less of a risk for them to take on as a client.

At Globaltek Security, we offer the latest in 4K high resolution video surveillance if you want to update your system from analog to digital. Globaltek can provide a simple cost effective solution by installing the newest TVI technology that converts high definition over your existing coax cable. At the fraction of the cost IP Camera systems, TVI surveillance systems will provide you a cost savings in labor and wire while still maintaining 1080p picture quality. Get the security your business needs with innovative commercial and industrial security systems from Globate Security. Contact us today for more information about our security products and services.

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